Pre-Requisites: Algebra 1
Credits: 1.0
Estimated Completion Time: 32-36 Weeks


In Geometry, students explore geometric situations and deepen their explanations of geometric relationships, moving towards formal mathematical arguments as geometric experiences are formalized and extended. Standards for mathematical practice are followed so that students experience mathematics as a coherent, useful, and logical subject that makes use of their ability to make sense of problem situations.

Major Topics and Concepts

Segment One

Module 1 - Geometry Foundations

Basics of Geometry

Basic Constructions

Advanced Constructions

Introduction to Proofs

Line and Angle Proofs

Module 2 - Transformations and Congruence

Translations and Reflections


Rigid Motion and Congruence

Triangle Proofs

Quadrilateral Proofs

Module 3 - Dilations and Similarity



Triangles and Similarity

Triangle Congruence and Similarity

Applications of Congruence and Similarity

Segment Two

Module 4 - Coordinate Geometry

Using the Coordinates


Coordinate Applications

Module 5 - Right Triangles and Trigonometry

Solving Right Triangles

Trigonometric Ratios

Applying Trigonometric Ratios

Module 6 - Volume and Figures


Applications of Volume


Three-Dimensional Figures

Module 7 - Circles

Properties of a Circle

Inscribed and Circumscribed Circles

Applications of Circles

Grading Policy

To achieve success, students are expected to submit work in each course weekly. Students can learn at their own pace; however, “any pace” still means that students must make progress in the course every week. To measure learning, students complete self-checks, practice lessons, multiple choice questions, projects, discussion-based assessments, and discussions. Students are expected to maintain regular contact with teachers; the minimum requirement is monthly. When teachers, students, and parents work together, students are successful.

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