FLVS Global is committed to providing schools and districts with valuable resources, customized support, and a rich array of K-12 courses.

We offer a variety of services to help school districts and schools provide seamless instruction in and out of the classroom.

Whether teachers return to the classroom, teach from home, or instruct from multiple learning environments, there are multiple ways to set up your school district with services to ensure your success.

To get started with setting up your school district and school with online solutions, please contact us.

Digital Courses for School Districts

Digital courses prepare schools to be ready with digital curriculum for in classroom and online instruction in the event of any disruption to traditional in-class instruction.

  • Seamless instruction in every school that easily and quickly transitions from the classroom to an online environment
  • Student equity and accessibility with learning gains despite any operational disruptions
  • Award-winning digital courses for in-class and online instruction
  • Teacher preparedness with training and support for uninterrupted instruction in any new environment

Teacher Training & Professional Development

Professional Development services feature strategically scheduled sessions, live webinars, consultation sessions, and additional support materials and resources.

For detailed descriptions of all the professional development opportunities please review the Professional Development Catalog (PDF).

Learning Management System (LMS)

FLVS Global is offering schools a seamless digital platform to host online courses, which enables student access and equity in and out of the classroom.

FLVS Hosted Model offers LMS licenses through Agilix Buzz. The state-of-the-art digital platform is customizable to every school and can be quickly deployed, providing a seamless learning experience for teachers, administrators, and students.

Client Hosted Model courseware is designed to be more than LMS agnostic; it is optimized to provide a seamless learning experience within the platform of your choice. View LMS Compatability List (PDF).

Technical Support

FLVS Global prides itself in delivering unparalleled customer service and world-class tech solutions to meet the needs of districts and students.

School/District Administrators: FLVS Global offers districts a full support team that include our eSolutions team and a dedicated Account Manager to assist with questions and provide support.