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FLVS Global has the solutions to help you in any learning environment.

Our depth of experience, rigorous curriculum, and flexible implementation options provide solutions to engage students, personalize instruction, and prepare learners for success.

FLVS Global - Digital Content

Our options provide a variety of benefits for districts and schools, allowing you to:

  • Offer your students more options, with AP, honors, electives, and NCAA-approved core courses aligned to national standards
  • Maintain school budgets
  • Increase graduation rates, decrease drop-out rates, and provide acceleration opportunities
  • Provide creative solutions for scheduling conflicts
  • Replace a teacher who leaves unexpectedly
  • Support hospital or homebound programs

FLVS Global offers more than 260+ online courses to meet the needs of your students.

Client-Hosted Model

  • Our courses
  • Your learning management system and teachers

Using our Client-Hosted Model, you can provide your students with new and exciting course options housed in your LMS and taught by your very own teachers. Do you have students interested in AP Statistics, Journalism, or another course your school or district doesn’t offer on every campus? With FLVS Global, if you’ve got a teacher, you can give your students the opportunity to expand their learning experience with virtual course options.

FLVS-Hosted Model

  • Our courses and learning management system
  • Your teachers

The FLVS-Hosted Model also provides the option for you to offer your students access to a large variety of courses taught by your teachers. The FLVS-Hosted Model differs from the Client-Hosted Model in that all courses you choose will be housed centrally in our Agilix Buzz LMS. This means that you can use FLVS courses even if you don’t have your own LMS. You will also have access to our 24/7 help desk.


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FLVS Global - Courses

Meeting National and State Standards

The FLVS Global catalog includes core (NCAA-approved), electives, honors, and AP courses.

Correlations Tool

Search course standards and content correlations.

Advanced Placement® 

All Florida Virtual School AP courses have passed the stringent requirements of the recent AP audit. Learn more about the audit. FLVS Global clients who require codes and syllabi for the College Board AP Audit: Click here to download a zip file with the required documentation.


At FLVS Global we use sound pedagogy and learning theory in the development of our courses. All course design is  research-based, leveraging methods  advocated by leading educational experts while also addressing 21st century skills.

We continue to research new pedagogical models and best practices, incorporating them when appropriate into our courses. We strive to design courses that are dynamic, engaging, and relevant to students.

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