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FLVS Global School Tuition

The FLVS Global School Tuition Model is a turnkey solution for your school or district. With our Tuition Model, you can offer your students 24/7 access to 140+ courses, including core (NCAA-approved), electives, honors, and AP. Transcripts are available upon request. The Tuition Model includes access to:

  • Our courses
  • Our Learning Management System
  • Our teachers

All FLVS Global School teachers are highly qualified and certified within the subjects they teach, and students communicate with teachers via email, video chat, text, instant message, and telephone.

FLVS Global School is also a community in which students work across geographical, cultural, and socio-economic boundaries to realize their potential. In addition to completing coursework, FLVS Global School students are encouraged to participate in online discussions, clubs, competitions, national forums, and more.

For more information about the Tuition Model, including school and district rates, contact a FLVS Global Representative.

To enroll your students in the FLVS Global School Tuition Model, click here.

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