Law and Order: Introduction to Legal Studies

Credits: 0.5
Estimated Completion Time: 1 Segment/16-18 Weeks


Imagine if there were no laws and people could do anything they wanted. It’s safe to say the world would be a pretty chaotic place! Every society needs some form of regulation to ensure peace in our daily lives and in the broader areas of business, family disputes, traffic violations, and the protection of children. Laws are essential to preserving our way of life and must be established and upheld in everyone’s best interest. In Law and Order: Introduction to Legal Studies, you’ll delve deeper into the importance of laws and consider how their application affects us as individuals and communities. Through understanding the court system and how laws are actually enacted, you will learn to appreciate the larger legal process and how it safeguards us all.

Major Topics and Concepts

-          The World of Law & Ethics
-          The Lawmaking Process
-          A Look Inside Our Courts
-          Criminal Law
-          Tort Law
-          Consumer Law
-          Family Law
-          Community Rights

Grading Policy

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