Elementary Mathematics Grade K (Florida Specific)

Pre-Requisites: N/A
Credits: 1
Estimated Completion Time: 36 weeks


Jump in and explore the world of numbers on a bug hunt, under the sea, and at the beach. Students will learn to count, compare numbers, identify shapes, add, subtract, and measure in this course. Along the way, they will have hands-on activities and friendly characters such as Niko, Riley, and Slater to practice their problem-solving skills.

Major Topics and Concepts

Segment One

·       Counting and writing numbers 1–5

·       Rearranging groups with 2–5 objects

·       Identifying and writing 0

·       Using equal, greater than, and less than to compare groups to 5

·       Comparing groups to 5

·       Comparing numbers to 5

·       Counting and writing numbers 6–10

·       Rearranging groups with 6–10 objects

·       Using equal, greater than, and less than to compare groups to 10

·       Counting to compare groups to 10

·       Counting forward and backward within 10

·       Identifying 2-D shapes

·       Finding, sorting, and comparing 2-D shapes

·       Making composite shapes

·       Identifying 3-D shapes

·       Finding, sorting, and comparing 3-D shapes

·       Sorting objects into categories

·       Counting and comparing categories by counting

Segment Two

·       Representing addition as adding to

·       Representing addition as putting together

·       Identifying and using the plus sign

·       Solving addition equations within 10

·       Representing subtraction as taking apart

·       Solving real-world addition word problems

·       Developing addition fluency within 10

·       Identifying and using the minus sign

·       Solving subtraction equations within 10

·       Decomposing and representing numbers 5–10

·       Developing subtraction fluency within 10

·       Solving real-world subtraction word problems

·       Counting, writing, and rearranging numbers 11–20

·       Representing number 11–20

·       Counting to 100 by ones and tens

·       Counting from any number to 100

·       Comparing objects by using length, height, volume, and weight

·       Using nonstandard measurement

Grading Policy


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