Elementary Technology Grade K

Pre-Requisites: None
Credits: 1.0
Estimated Completion Time: 36 weeks


The FLVS Elementary Technology Kindergarten course enables students to develop basic skills in computer science through engaging and age-appropriate content. The course will expose students to concepts such as problem solving, algorithms, and computer basics skills. Students will learn block based coding in an offline environment. In addition to the computer skills, the Technology suite integrates standards from Social Studies, Health and Language Arts with topics in each grade about safety and health (online and offline), bullying/cyberbullying and being a responsible citizen/digital citizen.

Major Topics and Concepts

  • Communication, sharing information, and technologies that assist with this
  • The concept of the internet
  • The history of computers and other inventions such as the phone
  • The different parts of a computer and devices such as a keyboard, mouse, speakers, microphone, headphones, and the ways we use these items
  • Taking proper care of devices and safety considerations
  • Technology allows us to complete tasks easier and faster
  • How to create and revise digital artifacts
  • Computers are used in workplaces to help do work
  • What keywords are and how to use them in a search engine
  • The parts of an email: greeting, body, and closing
  • Understanding what private information is and how to keep that information safe
  • Determine safe and unsafe communications and activities online 
  • Understand that bullying can take place offline and online
  • Recognizing the importance of balancing time between on-screen and off-screen activities
  • Understand what it means to be a good citizen online and offline 
  • Find problems and determine the steps to the best solution 
  • Explain what a simple task is and the importance of steps being detailed and in order 
  • Identify and create a simple algorithm without technology
  • Define computer program and what it means when a program is running 
  • Understand what a computer programmer is and does

Grading Policy

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