Elementary Technology Grade 1

Pre-Requisites: none
Credits: 1
Estimated Completion Time: 36 weeks


The FLVS Elementary Technology First Grade course will enable students to develop basic skills in computer science through engaging and age-appropriate content. The course will expose students to concepts such as problem solving and algorithms and computer basics skills. Students will learn block based coding in an offline environment. In addition to the computer skills, the Technology suite integrates standards from Social Studies, Health and Language Arts with topics in each grade about safety and health (online and offline), bullying/cyberbullying and being a responsible citizen/digital citizen.

Major Topics and Concepts

  • Use the problem-solving steps to solve problems with and without technology
  • Make healthy choices in regards to food, body, health, safety, and technology
  • Identify the digital citizen rules
    Rule #1: I listen to my head. I think before I speak or act.
    Rule #2: I listen to my heart. I use kind words and respect others.
    Rule #3: I listen to my feet. I stand up against bullying.
    Rule #4: I listen to my gut. I make sure that I am safe and responsible.
  • Recognize when bullying or cyberbullying is happening and what to do about it
  • Create a digital artifact utilizing different types of multimedia
  • Determine how to communicate effectively with and without technology safely
  • Understand how rules and laws, online and offline, keep us safe in the community, school, environment, and at home
  • Recognize the consequences for following and not following rules and laws
  • Solve problems using the problem-solving steps and problem-solving wheel with and without technology
  • Identify and perform simple tasks and understand the importance of steps
  • Understand that computers only follow a programs set of instructions
  • Define and create an algorithm without technology
  • Understand how a computer follows instructions
  • Recognize and define what a command is in a computer program
  • Learn how to create specific directions for a computer to complete a task
  • Determine how to create a simple computer program
  • Understand how to follow steps and complete a simple task
  • Recognize iteration and how it relates to loops
  • Determine what a bug is and how to fix it
  • Solve problems using the Problem-Solving Steps Infographic
  • Collect, organize, and sort data to develop a solution to a problem
  • Solve problems with and without technology
  • Create a presentation using multimedia
  • ​ ​ ​

Grading Policy

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