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What is FLVS Global

FLVS Global was created in the 2000 Florida state legislative session as the national and international arm of Florida Virtual School® (FLVS®), the United States’ first statewide, Internet-based public high school. As a not-for-profit institution, FLVS Global revenues are reinvested in FLVS for research and development, maintaining the highest quality courses and products to benefit students and educators worldwide.

For more than a decade, FLVS Global has provided courseware, training, and expertise to a variety of online and blended programs for schools, districts, states, and international agencies. We have helped design and implement the most successful programs today, including state programs in California, Illinois, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Ohio, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, South Carolina, and Wisconsin.

What sets FLVS Global apart?

We listen. The voices of our clients drive FLVS Global products and services. Each offering is the result of customized solutions created to meet the specific needs of students and educators around the world. Products and services include FLVS Global School (Tuition), Professional Development, Course Licensing Models, and Custom Development.

Choose FLVS Global. We are:

  • A school — just like you — that understands your needs and challenges. FLVS teaches approximately 150,000 students annually
  • Founded by the United States’ first statewide, Internet-based public high school
  • An established leader in developing and providing online and blended education  solutions to students in grades 6-12 worldwide
  • A nationally- and internationally-recognized online curriculum developer and provider
  • A winner of numerous national and international awards for innovation
  • Built around the FLVS competency-based funding model, which ensures student success
  • A proven program with one of the highest completion rates in the industry
  • A fully accredited Global School (AdvancED)
  • Able to offer NCAA-approved core courses (NCAA Eligibility Center high school code: 850171)
  • Sensitive to feedback from all our stakeholders
  • Actively involved in the research field of online learning
FLVS Global

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